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New Firewall System Installed in our Server

We have implemented a firewall and ‘account lock-out' security to protect the websites in our server.  An ‘account lock-out' policy will lock-out an account after a number of failed login attempts or too many open sessions/ connections. This security feature applies to cPanel, website backend, slideshow gallery, collaboration system and email gateway/ server.

Do not login any further after you have reached the maximum of 5 login attempts as you will be temporarily locked-out from your own account and disabled from viewing your own website.

What do I do if I am locked-out of from my own account or I can't view the website?

In the event that you are locked-out as indicated above, then contact us and please make a note of the following details:

1) The date and time you were locked-out
2) Forward your IP address to us (you can obtain IP address from this link - My IP Address)
3) Forward your mobile or telephone number to us

After we receive your details, one of our system administrators may contact you and upon approval of the issue, we will unblock and reset your account shortly.

What do I do, if I forget my password?

Before you reach to the maximum number of login attempts or at any time, contact us for password reset to avoid locked-out.

Website security is a continually changing field and the Internet is not free from people who try to break security channels, therefore we cannot guarantee that the security measures we put in place are impossible to infiltrate (please refer to term of services for more details).  We recommend all our clients to back-up data and documents from their own website constantly via the cPanel.

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